Thursday, November 13, 2014

Resto Review : Newly open outlet, Pepper Lunch Bintaro Xchange

Indonesian Foodblogger (idfb) held a restaurant review at the newly open outlet, Pepper Lunch Bintaro Xchange. This was the second review programme held by Pepper Lunch and idfb. I couldn't take part on the first one because of some reason, so I enrolled myself. Together with 20 bloggers who took part in Pepper Lunch resto review, I experienced myself to taste a huge portion of premium steak served on a hot plate, The Giant.

Pepper Lunch is one of restaurant brand under Boga Group and founded in Japan. Pepper Lunch also popular with Do-It-Yourself fast service concept. I bet you already familiar with Pepper Lunch, but if you don't, let me take you to a tour.
Pepper Lunch has more than 200 outlets in Japan and Asia. Pepper Lunch provides a variety of menu items; from the main menu like steaks, pastas, curry rice, pepper rice; salad; side dish like mashed potato, miso soup and rice; ice cream and mousse for dessert. All the food is processed in high supervision, made with the finest, freshest, best quality - carefully selected ingredients. Enjoy the experience of dining and cooking at the same time. Mix it, Flip it & Shake it to your own. Because in Pepper Lunch, you cook your own meal on a sizzling hot plate and create a taste of your own !
NOTE : ask for help to the waiters if that time is your first visit. There are some ways on how to cook pepper rice, hamburger steak and pepper steak properly for better taste.
Pepper Lunch has a movie of "How to Sizzle" on You Tube that  you can watch freely !
Here are the front liners. They will welcome you with their smile and hospitality. They will also help you with your orders.
Have no time to go to the nearest Pepper Lunch Restaurant ? Just dial those numbers :D They will deliver your orders to your door. Life is easy when all restaurants have delivery order service. Am I right or am I right ? *A mom is talking here. Ha ha...*
Honey brown sauce (Amakuchi), Garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi), salt and black pepper are always ready on every table. You can add the sauce of your choice to your dish. Those sauces also work well with the hot steak and they make the sizzling hot steak more appetizing. Yummy ! Pepper Lunch's staffs prepare the black pepper every morning and they don't use the whole peppercorn. They only use the most fragrant part which is the outer shell.
"Caution HOT !". Every dish is served over a Teppan. Teppan is metal griddle/plate used in teppanyaki style of Japanese cuisine. This iron plate is part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch. Before being used, the teppan will be heated up to 260 Celcius degrees in 70 seconds. The plate keeps the temperature approximately at 80 Celcius degrees for 20 minutes. This means your steak will stay hot until last bite.

Curry Rice (premium beef & Hamburg steak) - Rp. 72,272 (before tax & service) - , this dish consists of rice with butter hidden underneath the corn, Hamburg steak with black pepper sauce, premium beef slices with curry sauce.

Basil cream cheese - Rp. 69,091(before tax & service), one choice of pasta for pasta lover. Experience the sensation of eating squishy pasta on a sizzling hot plate. Spaghetti drenched in steak sauce and cream sauce

Double Hamburg Steak with Egg - Rp. 82,727 (before tax & service), 2 pieces small burger patties with special steak butter; bean sprouts, corn and string beans; and sunny-side-up on the side.
The Giant - Rp. 179,091 (before tax & service), Pepper Lunch really mean it when naming this dish. The meat is EXTRA LARGE ! It's juicy, tender and succulent. Drench in black pepper sauce. You can enjoy it with rice, mashed potato, corn, string beans and fried garlic. Can you believe it ? 3 kind of carbs in 1 dish.

Hazelnut Mousse
Here comes the dessert, Hazelnut Mousse - Rp. 17,273 (before tax & service). Pepper Lunch offers 4 variants of mousse dessert. Foret Noir Mousse, Oreo Cheese, Red Velvet Mousse and Hazelnut Mousse. It might be small portion of mousse deliciousness but it will put a smile on your face. Beautiful end. It's creamy, I can taste the traces of hazelnut with chocolate ganache. Love it !

Pepper Lunch Bintaro Xchange - Level GF
Jl. Boulevard Grande No. 3A, CBD Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7 Tangerang
Phone : 021 - 2221 0229

Instagram : @pepperlunchid
Twitter : @pepperlunchid
Facebook : Pepper Lunch

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Resto Review : Sushi Matsu, BSD

Perasaan takut, penasaran dan juga antusias campur jadi satu. Itulah yang saya rasakan ketika berangkat untuk food tasting di Sushi Matsu Restaurant. Saat menyetujui untuk ikut review di Sushi Matsu pun, saya tidak tahu secara spesifik apa yang akan saya makan. Yang saya ingat, saya pernah memesan sushi roll dan itu pun harus saya habiskan sendiri karena suami dan anak saya tidak mau mencobanya. Tapi saat itu yang saya pesan bukan sushi dengan ikan mentah, karena saya masih belum yakin apa saya akan menikmati sushi dengan ikan mentah.
Sushi Matsu adalah restoran yang menyediakan masakan Jepang mulai dari sushi dan nigiri, sashimi, agemono, yakimono, gohanmono, menrui dan miso soup. Pokoknya lengkap !! Restoran ini baru dibuka tanggal 18 Mei 2014 tempatnya di seberang Pasar Modern BSD persis. Di ruko 2 lantai ini, cukup untuk menampung 66 orang. Jadi kalau anda mencari tempat untuk mengadakan acara sambil makan makanan Jepang, resto ini bisa jadi pilihan.

Sebenarnya saya tidak bisa banyak cerita, karena pengetahuan saya tentang makanan Jepang itu bisa dikatakan mendekati nol ! Saya hanya bisa memberikan rekomendasi bahwa sushi di sini enak dan harganya pun terjangkau, tetapi tetap disajikan dengan bahan-bahan berkualitas. 

Di sana, para blogger ditawarkan untuk mencicipi beberapa menu yang ada di Sushi Matsu. Okay... saya mulai sedikit panik karena satu per satu makanan bermunculan di meja. Dari sekian banyak makanan, yang saya kenal hanya Takoyaki !! =)) 

Yuk intip beberapa menu andalan dari Sushi Matsu. Buat yang suka sushi, pasti ngiler. Ada beberapa makanan yang saya suka dan cocok di lidah saya, seperti Volcanoes, Tekka, Tamago, Inari Kanimayo, Spicy Crunchy Tempura, Tuna Salad dan Hokkaido.

Some of Japanese foods from Sushi Matsu, believe me, these are only some of them. It has plenty !

Takoyaki (Octopus balls) - 20K

 Oyakodon - 40K

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - 45K
Chicken cutlet topped with curry on rice

Avocado Salad - 27K
Avocado, crab meat, seaweed and fresh vegetables salad

Hokkaido - 45K
Salmon, crab meat, omelette

Lava - 45K
Salmon, avocado, crab meat

(Eating Out) - Sushi Matsu
Sakura - 48K
Salmon & avocado

 Salmon maki - 30K

Inari Kanimayo - 25K
Sweet beancurd with crab meat and flying fish roe

Sushi Matsu 
Ruko Golden Madrid 2 Blok G no. 6
BSD City, Tangerang
Telp : 53164795

Jam operasional : 
Weekdays 11.00 - 21.00
Weekend 10.00 - 21.30

twitter : @sushimatsuresto
Instagram : sushimatsu
FB : sushi matsu

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